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01 Apparatus for Measurement of RR interval and a System thereof 201621035123 Published
02 An Emergency Vehicle Transit and Public Alert System Thereof 201721010262 Filed
03 Enlargement of Crops Spectral Signature using Multiband Frequencies 201721044623 Published
04 Method and System to prompt Agricultural Geospatial Information for Decision Making 201721047446 Published
05 Method for Exploration of Major Soil Nutrients Based on Spectral Band s and Development of Digital SP 201721047448 Published
06 Method And System To Assess Urban Realm Change Detection From Plural Sensors Data 201821010661 Published
07 Agricultural Drought Assessment System and Tool Based on Geospatial Data 201721043493 Filed
08 Method of Automated Endmember Identification, Selection and Extraction from Hyperspectral Imagery 201921003451 Filed